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About the word Hustle & chasing your dreams with a dreamcatcher

This past week, I’ve been watching a lot of videos of Gary Vaynerchuk. There’s a probably a small number of people who don’t already know him. I’m not a person who watches stuff on the internet and get super motivated by it. Or, at least I don’t admit it. Maybe I do get motivated🤔. But listening to Gary for the last couple of days has got me really excited about working.

Here are some things from his talks that really stuck with me-


If there’s one word you’d associate with him, that’s probably the word “hustle”. As a non-native English speaker, I sometimes stumble upon words that I’m not familiar with. But this time, I knew what it meant and yet, the number of times he was using it in different contexts, made me a little unsure. I had to recheck that it meant something on the lines of — pushing hard, motion, movement etc.

This, according to him, was the most important word. To him, it means to be passionate about something and put all your effort into achieving that goal. Push hard until you achieve it and never give up.

Hustle is waking up one day- the day before you die, and realizing you gave it your all.

Work hard

Pfft! No brainer right?

Wrong. It’s instilling the sense of working hard and going after something that you’re really passionate about. Go all in so that you don’t regret not giving your 💯!

I’ve worked on a lot of things since college. When I’m passionate about something, it upsets me when people I work with, don’t have the same level of passion. This is where empathy is super important. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve lost friends because of this passion. But I’ve learned my lesson. This New Year’s Eve, I was working while my friends were getting sloshed at a pub which is a kilometer away from my house! But I have no regrets about not partying(maybe I’m getting old). But yeah, working that day helped me plan my vacation coming up in two weeks!

If you don’t like your job- Quit!

This is particularly difficult at startups. You don’t go by a fixed job description. I’ve personally had times where I’ve done work that I didn’t enjoy for a brief period. Although I did express this, I was told that this is a phase. Coming to think of it now, on advice is - learn to say NO!

Never..Ever..Do something you don’t enjoy or believe in.

I’ve spoken to several friends over the last couple of years and something that’s common over all the conversations is “My job sucks”. Of course, if you’re a Mechanical engineer working for an IT company writing test cases for softwares from 9 am to 5 pm, you wouldn’t really enjoy it! So QUIT trying to fit in!

Community first

I learned that Gary has a “Thank You” Team. This is different from customer support.

Not Customer Support

Why? Because they literally thank people. With the amount of information someone is sharing online today, it’s pretty easy to figure out what they like/dislike. So what did the Thank You Team do? They called customers, said thank you for making a purchase and sent them their favourite gift- could be a jersey of their favourite team. It made their day, although, coming to think of where they got the information from, is pretty creepy.

Most companies, especially startups, treat customers like 💩, let alone forming a community. Community managers for them are-marketers, growth hackers, sales and lead generation. It can be frustrating, but find your support network.

Advise for ever 20 year old

I’ve heard about Gary before. But recently I stumbled upon this video on my feed and that’s when I started watching more videos.

So what does he talk about in this video? The ultimate truth!

  • That 30k followers on Instagram doesn’t count.
  • You’re 20 years old, you need patience. No body is an overnight success!
  • Every second you spend thinking about what somebody else has is taking away from time that you could create something for yourself.

But then he has so many followers and is super active on Social media. What does he use it for? To sell! To sell services, to sell products to sell himself as a brand!

I’ve had friends tell me that they’re really happy and proud of me because I’m ‘doing things’. There’s time. We’re not that old🤷🏼‍♂️. We can do things. So start doing things.


The one thing that I love about him is the energy of his talks. No matter if it’s a keynote at some conference or a YouTube video- he is super charged ⚡︎ and passionate about everything! You cannot

I’ve identified my hustle. I’m going to be working on those three things all round the year. At the end of the year, I’ll do a check on where things are. Lastly, here’s a photo with a dream catcher in it.

Chasing your dreams with a dreamcatcher

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