Community management in “cryptoverse”

Joining the crypto world🚀

Why crypto, and more importantly, why Constellation Labs?

Blockchain, Bitcoins, and ICOs have become buzzwords. But the space is super interesting. I mean, it gave us cryptokitties😸! But you know what? Cryptokitties broke the Ethereum network😼. The community manager role at Constellation gave me the perfect opportunity to work on building open source communities, at the same time be right in the middle of some of the most exciting technology out there. If you’re curious about the tech, we use Directed Acyclic Graph or DAG(or Blockchain 3.0, as some might say).

So, what is Constellation Labs?

Interesting! So, how’s the crypto community space different?

You have a community supporting and rooting for you, even before you even have a product out.

My middle-aged relatives in Kerala are asking me about bitcoin and blockchain tech. I don’t even remember the last time they asked me about any other tech!

I’m not stereotyping but just to give you an idea of how popular this tech has become, these are people who started using WhatsApp on their phones in the last 2–3 years.

how do you plan to channel all the traffic from this buzz into a valuable community?

I’ll write more about how we’re thinking about some of this at Constellation in the next blog post.

You know you’ve fallen into the crypto rabbit hole when:

  1. Gas💨 no longer means an air-like fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity but is the execution fee for every operation made on ethereum.
  2. Someone says mining ⛏ and you suddenly think of ‘the process of trying to ‘solve’ the next block in the blockchain and not the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth.
  3. You friends talk about whales🐳 and the first thing that pops up in you mind isn’t the aquatic placental marine mammals but someone that owns an absurd amounts of crypto-currency.
  4. Moon🌜 means crypto price going up astronomical levels and not an astronomical body that orbits planet Earth(for the sake of keeping this SFW. If you’re thinking of something else, you nasty!🌚)
  5. Fork🍴is no longer an implement with two or more prongs used for lifting food to the mouth or holding it when cutting but it’s when new ‘governance rules’ are built into the blockchain’s code.



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