About 3D Printing, Drones and the Next Big Thing

We’ve caught up with state of the art technology...or have we really?🤔

This Friday, for our weekly Open House, we had Kishore Jonnalagadda talk about 3D printing at HasGeek House.

What really changed the scene was the adoption of open source. This gave an opportunity to hobbyists to tinker around and thereby contributing to the ecosystem.

Kishore explaining the 3d printed part of a crankshaft in a car engine


Disclaimer- Working on this in India could be borderline illegal.

The “Why we do what we do”

I think a lot of us know about 3D printing because individuals like Kishore and others in the community are happy to go out and talk about it because they’re really passionate. This is what one of the attendees at Open House told us-

This Friday during the Open House

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