Business model, governance models and all that fun stuff

If you’re into tech twitter or following tech updates closely, you’ve probably seen signs of communities becoming mainstream- from VC’s investing in community- first companies to the entire tech world going gaga over creator communities and economy.

Governance is something that’s key component of communities. I’ve been part of online communities for a fairly long time. Now that I think about it, some forum based communities had some level of decentralized governance structures in place.

An online community forum usually had the admin at the helm, but the different categories were usually run by super moderators and moderators. As the…

“So what are you working on at NEAR Protocol”

Roughly a year back, I started speaking with the team at NEAR about communities. I wanted to take on a new challenge. I’ve always had breaks between my crypto roles(just cuz crypto can be a bit much🤷🏽‍♂️), but now I was excited to take on this “new role” at NEAR.

As they say about roles at startups- “We’re always hiring and most of the roles aren’t even on the website😉”. The community role wasn’t on the website, so I had no idea what I was interviewing for(which wasn’t surprising as the initial conversations happened on Twitter DMs📬). …

Joining the crypto world🚀

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve moved out of HasGeek to join Constellation Labs as a community manager.

I joined HasGeek as a full-time community manager in January 2017. It’s been a wonderful journey, thanks to the entire team and the amazing community. I must admit that it did seem daunting in the beginning to be thrown into the middle of a community of open source developers, designers, developers who work on bleeding edge tech. What do I talk with them? Am I an outsider?(Imposter syndrome is a bi*ch).

Fast forward a couple of months, I found myself discussing…

The HasGeek Newsletter 💌

How do you learn? What do you decide to learn and and why? We want to know!

Learning is necessary for those of us in technology since things change so fast. Question is: what do you choose to learn and why?

Last week, we started a conversation on Twitter about which avenues facilitate learning for you:

Here are a few insights from the discussion on Twitter:

We want to hear from you. What are the different touch points in…

The HasGeek Newsletter💌

Node.js Hacknight

Stay up all night and hack your Node.js project together

HasGeek hacknights bring together clever nightowls to work on pet projects. The next one, starting at 5 pm on Saturday, 24 February, is all about digging into Node.js. We’ll have mentors on hand to help you with any hurdles and our sponsor, Circles.Life, is looking to hire for their Singapore office, so show them what you’ve got. Food and coffee are on us!

Sign up here:
Time: 24–25 Feb 2018, 5:00 pm–10:00 am
Venue: HasGeek house

What do you want to see at Rootconf 2018? Let us know!

This week we’re reaching out to get your voice — on our stage…

The HasGeek Newsletter💌

Never thought we’d say this but we’ve finally hopped on the Instagram bandwagon(or should we say Instawagon? Okay, yeah, that was a bad joke)! Follow us @has.geek for photos from previous events, geek stories with gifs, and a sneak-peek into what happens behind the scenes. If there’s anything you’d like to see on Instagram, write back to us or tweet @hasgeek.

Videos from CSM Delhi and ReactFoo Pune

ICYMI, we started 2018 with ReactFoo Pune on 19 January and the Cloud Server Management miniconf in Delhi on 20 January. Here are the talk videos from both the events:
CSM Delhi:

What’s happening this week

Roundtable discussion on AI and Finance

As a pre-event to…

The HasGeek Newsletter 💌

Hi there! 👋

Unicode Consortium announces beta version of 2018 emoji

The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organization that coordinates the development of the Unicode standard. Unicode last night announced the beta version of next year’s emoji release.
Here’s what you should know

  • we may now have the ability to flip the direction of emojis,
  • the frowning poo emoji might not exist anymore
  • teddy bear emoji is among the list of proposed emojis.

Read more about Emoji 11.0 here:

Have you ever thought about what modern communication would look like without emojis?


  • Cloud Server Management Miniconf interview videos
  • Open house on Friday…

The HasGeek Newsletter 💌

Hi there! 👋

Apple’s MacOS HIgh Sierra has a serious security flaw

Apple’s MacOS High Sierra has a security flaw that allows anyone to the access the file system for a Mac, exposing private documents on that particular computer. It’s apparently as easy as entering ‘root’ for username with an empty password.

Read more about the hack here:

In case you’re interested in a quick fix before Apple releases an update, here you go:

TFW you realize that the MacOS High Sierra that you recently updated to, allows people to enter root without a password.


  • Cloud Server Management Miniconf Chennai updates and Mumbai schedule
  • Open house on applications of operations…

The HasGeek Newsletter 💌

Hi there! 👋

Tesla launches new Roadster and semi-truck

On Friday, Tesla announced the launch of their semi-truck, an electric heavy-duty truck, and the new Tesla Roadster that can hit 0–100 mph in less than 5 seconds! The launch event was super interesting. Just when you thought that the launch event was about to end, they announced the new Roadster! It’s really exciting to see electric vehicles pushing the possibilities.

If you’re interested in reading more about it, check out this coverage by Wired:

When was the last time we this were fascinated by a truck?


  • Anthill Inside Pune is happening this Friday
  • Cloud Server Management miniconf Chennai is happening on Saturday
  • Workshop on Hacker Math for Machine Learning in…

Cloud Server Management Miniconf Schedule, who should attend and what you can expect

In September 2017, we did a Fragments meetup in Chennai. The wonderful people at Zoho had allowed us to use their space. We had some amazing people turn up to the attend the meetup, despite it happening on a Saturday morning at a place half way across the city. Huge shout out to our speakers Mario Stallone, Girish Koundinya and Somasundaram Mahesh.

I truly felt really grateful to have met these developers, some of who had come just to meet people from HasGeek. I had the opportunity to talk to security professionals, app developers & front-end developers. …

Shreyas Narayanan

All things open | Community 🧙 @NEARProtocol | 👨‍🏫 @mozilla | ❤️ Startups | Remote work 🌐 | Blockchain ⛓| Technology 👨‍💻

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